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Frequently Asked Questions

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What services are listed in the Black Pages directory?

Services listed here provide assistance to vulnerable people and groups affected by family/domestic violence. The directory also provides links or information to additional organisations or individuals providing services like emergency accomodation, income assistance, family court advice etc.
Q Created: 16.04.2018

How do I add my service to the directory?

You can add your own information as a listing by registering your account with Black Pages and creating your own data entry. You can set your listing to expire, or not, depending on your needs and the service you are providing. You are asked to respect the purpose of the directory, which is to provide links to services primarily for vulnerable people/groups who need assistance that is hard to find elsewhere - i.e. services for children, the elderly, the disabled, and males. Womens services are generally easily found elsewhere on the internet.
Q Created: 16.04.2018

Is there a cost to add a listing?

No, lisitings are completely free for both individuals and organisations/community groups.
Q Created: 16.04.2018

How do I volunteer to find and enter data into Black Pages for my region?

Volunteers are always needed to scour their region for services appropriate for inclusion in the directory. If you would like to be responsible for loading information from your region into the database, please contact Olivia by email at directory @ (no spaces!) for more details. You can also sign up online at
Q Created: 16.04.2018

I want to list my home as a safe house. Can I do that here?

You are welcome to list your own home as a safe house, however you should not list your own address in the description of the service. You should only list the city/suburb that you live in. Leave a telephone number for users to contact you on, and/or an email address. You should review your listing once you have posted it, to be sure that you are comfortable with the information that can be viewed by the public. Once your information is online, we are unable to control who may use it, or how they use it.
Q Created:16.04.2018